Art by Kay Sleking

As a visual artist and multi-instrumentalist, Kay creates a dynamic world of spaciousness and stillness.

We are honoured to be displaying the beautiful artworks of Kay Sleking. Born in 1968, he has his roots in both the Netherlands and Kenya. Growing up in a suburb of Amsterdam, the Bijlmer, he starting drawing and making music at a very young age.

After working in Graphic Design for a couple of years, he couldn’t stay away from music and started his bachelor's in classical guitar at the Conservatory of Amsterdam.

He continued his studies at the Rotterdam Conservatory, where he studied Argentine Tango and Brazilian music, in addition to classical music.

After graduating from his master’s degree, he’s performed internationally in various ensembles and orchestras and has given workshops and masterclasses.

As an artist and musician he travels between the two disciplines. He paints what fascinates him in the moment, a reflection of playfulness, free from convention.

The paintings that we are displaying are portraits of Minnie Riperton, with her  high aahaahaahahahaaa, and Patty Smith, the Godmother of Punk. They are an ode to his musical heroes.

Minnie is painted in a style of clear color blocks and contrasts, it’s a pleasure to see her appear.

Wanting to paint Patti Smith the same way, he felt he had to represent her differently after really getting to know her. So beautiful and wise. Suddenly something opened, a portal to an unlimited space in which energy shapes unimpeded.

These musical heroes need to be seen. Have a look in store!

ART by Kay Sleking




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